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Job Position Sales Engineer Information Technology
Job Type Engineering
Job Category Engineering
Job Description
Are you a driven and innovative individual with a passion for technology solutions? Data-Tech is seeking a talented Sales Engineer to join our dynamic team. As a Sales Engineer at Data-Tech, you will play a pivotal role in designing and presenting cutting-edge technology solutions that address our clients' diverse business technology needs. Your expertise will drive client confidence, foster strong relationships, and ensure seamless communication between our Technology Service Teams, Sales Team, and our clients' administrators and staff. By delivering the Perfect Client Experience, you will collaborate with the Business Development Representative to establish a deep understanding of clients' current infrastructure and propose tailored technology solutions.
Key Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with Technical Account Managers (TAM) to design and support technology solutions and present them to clients.
    • Assist existing clients with technology upgrades, improvements, and effective communication throughout the implementation process.
    • Prepare clear technical documentation and comprehensive deployment plans to ensure a smooth execution of proposed solutions.
    • Serve as a liaison between Sales, Service, Project Teams, and client contact points, addressing any challenges that may arise and ensuring client satisfaction.
    • Play a crucial role in researching and staying up-to-date with the latest products and trends in our industry, empowering our sales and technical teams to offer innovative solutions.
    • Participate in operational meetings, providing valuable insights, and recommending improvements and changes to enhance our services.
    • Lead the Sales Team through the technical scope of projects, ensuring the accurate and effective proposal of appropriate solutions.
    • Maintain expert knowledge of Data-Tech's core products, services, and proprietary knowledge to effectively communicate their value to staff and clients.
Qualifications and Characteristics:
    • Proven experience in designing and presenting technology solutions to meet clients' needs.
    • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and internal teams.
    • High attention to detail and the ability to provide clear technical documentation.
    • Strong problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to navigate challenges and ensure policies and procedures are consistently followed.
    • A keen interest in keeping abreast of industry trends and advancements to stay at the forefront of technology solutions.
    • A high level of personal and business ethics, along with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.
    • Demonstrated expertise in technology products and services, showcasing your ability to be a trusted advisor to our clients.
Company Perks and Professional Development:
Data-Tech takes pride in fostering a positive work environment and investing in the growth of our employees. As a Sales Engineer, you will enjoy:
    • Participation in company-sponsored Lunch and Learn sessions and scheduled training sessions with vendors, enabling you to demonstrate our products, services, and technology solutions effectively.
    • Opportunities for professional development and access to proprietary knowledge that will enhance your core abilities.
    • A collaborative and supportive team culture that encourages innovation and creativity.
Join Data-Tech, a premier Technology Provider and Trusted Advisor, and become an integral part of our mission to provide exceptional IT solutions to our valued clients. If you possess strong communication skills, technical expertise, and a commitment to building lasting relationships, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. At Data-Tech, we value diversity and inclusivity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds.
Skill Requirments
    1. Self-Motivation: A successful manager embodies self-motivation, inspiring both themselves and their team to stay driven and take charge of their responsibilities.
    2. Integrity: Trust is built upon personal integrity. As a manager, you must be reliable, honest, and committed to upholding ethical principles, gaining the trust of your employees.
    3. Dependability/Reliability: Demonstrating dependability and reliability is vital for a manager. Your superiors and subordinates alike should have confidence in your ability to deliver consistently.
    4. Optimism: Cultivate an optimistic outlook and enthusiasm for the future. Your positive attitude will uplift employee morale and inspire a productive work environment.
    5. Confidence: Display unwavering confidence in decision-making. Your self-assurance will instill trust in others and empower them to follow your lead.
    6. Calmness: In challenging situations, maintain a calm and composed demeanor. A good manager remains level-headed, ensuring effective problem-solving under pressure.
    7. Flexibility: Adaptability is crucial for a manager, as circumstances may change unexpectedly. Embrace flexibility to handle shifting situations with ease.
Business Characteristics:
    1. Industry Knowledge: Possess a deep understanding of your industry, enabling you to answer questions and lead your team more effectively.
    2. Delegation Skills: Recognize when to delegate tasks to capable team members, optimizing productivity and supporting project success.
    3. Organization: As a leader, maintain a high level of organizational skills to manage projects, employees, and assignments efficiently.
    4. Financial Awareness: Familiarize yourself with basic financial concepts to manage project costs effectively and make informed decisions.
    5. Understanding Business Hierarchy: Comprehend the hierarchy within your organization and adhere to the chain of command. Be aware of your responsibilities and the impact of your decisions on your subordinates.
    6. Legal Knowledge: While not an expert in law, you should be aware of legal implications related to workplace matters, such as sexual harassment, hiring practices, confidentiality, etc.
As a Sales Engineer at Data-Tech, possessing these personal and business characteristics is crucial for success in the role. Demonstrating these skills will enable you to provide effective technology solutions to our clients and lead your team with confidence and efficiency. We value individuals who exhibit these qualities and strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that fosters growth and professional development.
Certifications Requested
Employment Type Full Time
Shift Requirements 8am - 5pm M-F
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Location Tampa, FL
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Posted Date 11/24/2019

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