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Job Board Details
Job Position Apprentice for Backup and Recovery Department
Job Type Technical
Job Category Apprentice
Job Description
Apprentice Position to assist the Shadow Backup and Recovery Administrator in daily job duties. Apprentice is expected to grow and learn to become a Technical and Engineering Asset to the company.
Apprentice will learn about Data Backup, Recovery and Security Services.
Maintenance and Testing to Verify Data Integrity
Restore and Recovery Techniques
Local and Cloud Backup Strategies
Daily Duties
Check and Verify the current Data Backup and Cloud Backup Jobs
Create Support Tickets for any anomolies
Time will be set aside for a Daily Training and Learning period
Eventually Remediate any anomolies discovered
After 12 months on the job training and successful completion all required Certifications, the Apprentice will have the opporuntity to stay in the Shadow Backup and Recovery Division or apply for any open Engineering Position.
Skill Requirments
Basic Technical Background. A+, Net+, Security+ or equivelent job experience.
Certifications Requested
Employment Type Full Time
Shift Requirements Standard 8am - 5pm
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Location In Office
Skill Set Survey Link
Information Link
Posted Date 7/16/2020

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