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Job Position Sales Engineer Information Technology
Job Type Engineering
Job Category Engineering
Job Description Sales Engineer Job Description: Data-Tech’s Sales Engineer is challenged with the successful design, development and presentation of Technology Solutions to address client Business Technology requirements. In this position, the Data-Tech Sales Engineer drives client confidence by ensuring a strong relationship and open communication between Data-Tech Technology Service Teams, Sales Team and Client’s Admin and staff. The Perfect Client Experience will be managed by the Business Development Representative and Sales Engineer to ensure proper client understanding and expectations of the client’s current infrastructure and the Proposed Technology Solution. The Sales Engineer will also act as a liaison between Sales, Service, Project Team and clients contact points. Assisting with any challenges that arise with the common goal of keeping our clients loyal and happy with the solutions that we provide. Data-Tech’s Sales Engineer will play a crucial part in not only the research of new products in our industry but keeping our sales and technical teams up to speed on what will be the new trending solutions moving forward. Company Sponsored with Vendor Participation for Lunch and learns and scheduled training will be keys to success in demonstrating our products, services and technology solutions to staff and clients. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Assist Current Clients with Technology Upgrades, improvements and communication • Work with Technical Account Managers (TAM) with Technology design, support and presentation of Proposed Solutions • Provide clear technical documentation and deployment plan • Ensure Client communication through all stages of the implementation process • Ensure all policies and procedures are consistently followed and updated as necessary • Participate in Operational Meetings and Recommend Improvements and Changes • Lead Sales Team through technical scope to ensure proper solution is proposed • Maintain expert knowledge of Data-Tech’s core products, services & proprietary knowledge Data-Tech is a Premiere Technology Provider, IT Solutions Architect and Trusted Advisor to our clients which requires a high quality of Personal and Business Characteristics as well as high standards of Communication with the ability to build and maintain Relationships. Here you will find the building blocks of these requirements along with information to improve your core abilities.
Skill Requirments Personal Characteristics: Desirable personal characteristics that others can look up to, and feel comfortable following: 1. Self-Motivation: An effective manager can’t motivate others if he or she can’t self-motivate. Self-motivation, the ability to get yourself going, and take charge of what’s next for you, is a vital personal characteristic for a manager. You have to keep yourself going — and motivate those who work with you. 2. Integrity: People trust a good manager because they know he or she has personal integrity. Workers need to know that you will fight for them, do what you say, and follow the rules. 3. Dependability/Reliability: As a person, you should be dependable and reliable. Your superiors, as well as your subordinates, need to know that you can be counted on. Others in the organization should be able to rely on you. 4. Optimism: See the future with excitement. An optimistic attitude builds morale in your employees. Your positive attitude inspires others. They feel good about getting things done. 5. Confidence: Be confidence in yourself. You need to be able to make decisions in confidence, and show others that you are capable of making good decisions. Your confidence will rub off on others, and it will be beneficial to you. 6. Calmness: As the manager, you can’t afford to break down when the pressure is on. The ability to remain calm and do what needs to be done is essential in a good manager. 7. Flexibility: A certain amount of flexibility is needed by a manager, since he or she may need to adapt to changing situations. Business Characteristics: A level of business acumen is important when you are in a leadership role. While you may not need to be on the level of a professional dealmaker, familiarity of basic business principles & practices is helpful. 1. Industry Knowledge: Understand your industry so that you can answer questions and perform your work more effectively. Workers may not need industry knowledge, but a leader should. 2. Know When to Delegate: An effective leader knows that some tasks need to be delegated. You should be able to identify workers who will do well, and give them tasks they can succeed at — while helping the project. 3. Organization: You need to be organized in order to be a good leader. Keep track of projects, employees and assignments so that you are on top of what needs to happen in the business. 4. Financial Awareness: Understand basic financial concepts so that you understand how to manage cost as part of a project you have been given. 5. Business Hierarchy: You should know how the hierarchy works at your business, and follow the chain of command. Make sure that you understand your duties, and to whom you report. You should also know how your decisions affect your subordinates. 6. Legal Implications: While you don’t need to be a law expert, you should have a grasp of the legal implications of sexual harassment, proper hiring and firing practices, confidentiality, and more.
Certifications Requested
Employment Type Full Time
Shift Requirements 8am - 5pm M-F
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Location Tampa, FL
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Posted Date 11/24/2019

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