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Job Board Details
Job Position Firewall Support Engineer
Job Type Salaried, Exempt
Job Category Engineering Department
Job Description
The VMS LI Firewall Support Engineer will be responsible for monitoring various security reporting tools on a daily basis to protect Data-Techís computer networks and systems. Their responsibilities will continually expand as the number of cyberattacks increase. The VMS LI Firewall Support Engineer will work with the Security and Engineering team to evaluate and address alerts based on established response levels. Information security analysts must continually adapt to stay a step ahead of cyber attackers. They must stay up to date on the latest methods attackers are using to infiltrate computer systems and on IT security. Analysts need to research new security technology to decide what will most effectively protect their organization. This may involve attending cybersecurity conferences to hear firsthand accounts of other professionals who have experienced new types of attacks.
Skill Requirments
Technology You Should Know:
-SOPHOS Firewalls
-Sonic Wall Firewalls
-SOPHOS Endpoint Protection
-PRTG Network Monitor
-Storage Craft Shadow Protect
Additional Requirements:
  • Have reliable transportation and a valid State of Florida Driverís License
    • Able to work rotating shifts and weekends if needed
    • Strong Team Member and customer client relationships skills
    • Create detailed documentation and strong organizational skills
    • Excellent listening and communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Ability to work on multiple priorities and /or projects simultaneously in a fast paced environment
    • Ensure rapid response, escalation, and resolution to achieve the restoration of services
    • A clean 7-year criminal background check is a requirement for this position
Certifications Requested
Employment Type Full-Time
Shift Requirements Standard 8am - 5pm
Compensation 16.00-19.00
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Location Tampa
Skill Set Survey Link
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Posted Date 7/16/2020

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